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Don’t Go Inside

Adrienne and I often take walks around our neighborhood. It’s a chance to be adventurous and spontaneous — to explore the familiar. There’s a lot of creepy homes in various states of restoration and disrepair. This is one of my favorite.


I’m very excited about this upcoming title from Vertigo. It’s a Sci-Fi thriller about the end of the universe and the promo images are stunning.

I’m currently working on a one-woman show about a mutiny aboard a space shuttle. There’s only one survivor and she needs to make it home before time runs out. It’s a Sci-Fi thriller in it’s own right and anything in the genre is peaking my interest. Especially, Trillium.

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Everyday Music

Here’s a pic of In Low Light at the local music listening station at Everyday Music on Capitol Hill.

The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

I’m loving the new David Bowie album The Next Day. Particularly, “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” “Valentine’s Day,” & “Love Is Lost.” They’re just tremendous. I can’t get enough of these surrealistic lyrics. Highly recommended.


ECCC 2013!

Ok. I survived Emerald City Comic-Con 2013. This was only my second time going to a Con and, I have to say, I was much better prepared for the experience and ready to dive into all the mayhem and fun headfirst. 

One of the keys to enjoying Con, is a mid-afternoon beer away from all the hustle and bustle. Trust me. It gives you a moment to breath and gets you a little looser for the rest of the day when things normally get busier. Read more…

An article detailing the difference between story and plot.


More often than not, this is what my lyrics look like when they’re in the draft stage. #bighotmess