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A snapshot of Adrienne and Bob backstage taken by Hobbes Ginsberg Photography after we played our set at the SOLD OUT High Dive show on Sat. Oct. 19, 2013.

The West at the High Dive Review

Some very kind words from Crystal Collins about our SOLD OUT show at the High Dive on Sat. Oct. 19, 2013:

‘The West is a band I’ve seen before in this very same space, many moons ago when there were 10 or 20 people at their show. These guys have graduated. When I first saw The West I thought, “That was fun.” Now, they inspire so much more than that. Their driving snare kick dance beats and unique we’re-here-we’re-nerds-and-you’re-gonna-effing-dance charisma on the stage gets beer spilling and butts moving. They turned the whole place into a dance party, vivacious and alive. This is entertainment, a well spoken rebut to the DJ take over. I finally feel at home in the era I was born. I dance as the music commands and the set flies by.’


Did you see “Gravity” this weekend? Did you love it?

If so, I’d highly recommend watching Alfonso Cuoran’s “Children of Men.” It’s a dystopian science fiction film about the collapse of humanity after 18 years of human infertility. It sounds like a dull time, but it’s a thrill-ride on par with “Gravity” and it features powerful performances from Clive Owen and Michael Caine.

Cuoran has directed the two best science fiction films in the last two decades. They’re driven by visual metaphors that talk about life in a philosophical way. It’s what the best science fiction is and should be.