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Cameo – “Candy”

Question: Is this the greatest music video of all time?

Answer: Yes.

A Horror Renaissance: Six New Movies for the Halloween Season

Move over Michael Meyers, there’s some new kids in town.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years you may have missed that we’re in the midst of a horror movie renaissance, and there are some soon-to-be-classics just waiting to be watched. Butter up some popcorn, turn the lights down low, and get ready to make this Halloween a frightening treat that you won’t soon forget.

Here’s a look at five newish horror movies that are guaranteed to set your spine atingle. Read more…

Mr. Plinkett’s The Star Wars Awakens Review

It’s FINALLY here! Red Letter Media returns with a dizzying analysis of fandom, corporate greed, and the magic of forgetfulness. In other words, they’re critiquing the blockbuster of blockbusters, The Force Awakens.

If you’re not familiar with Red Letter Media I wrote an introductory piece about them a few weeks ago. I’d suggest watching The Phantom Menace review before delving into this video, but if you’ve already seen that, it’s time to sit back, cook up some Pizza Rolls, and listen to the monotone brilliance of Mr. Plinkett.