Back To The Future

It’s become somewhat of a tradition to do a New Year’s Day movie marathon. It’s the third year in a row that we’ve done it and I think we’ll continue to do it for years to come (though we might eventually run out of trilogies). We started with Star Wars, then moved on to Indiana Jones, and this year we did Back to The Future.

The first Back To The Future, released in 1985 (the year of my birth), still holds up. The story is interesting and fun, the themes are resonant and relevant to a modern audience, and the clothes and effects still look freaking cool. It’s one of the best Sci-Fi adventure films ever made.

Part’s II and III aren’t as good as the original. The effects are super corny and the plots rehash the first picture in uninteresting and uninventive ways. All that said, however, we had a great time poking fun at a lot of the stupidity.

If you’re considering hosting your own New Year’s Day movie marathon, or just a movie marathon in general, I’d suggest doing Back To The Future first. After doing a few marathons, we’ve learned that overly long action sequences become dull and boring quickly. You want something with a strong story, just the right amount of action, and something that will make you laugh. Plus, you have to order Chinese food. That’s a requirement.

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