ECCC 2013!

Ok. I survived Emerald City Comic-Con 2013. This was only my second time going to a Con and, I have to say, I was much better prepared for the experience and ready to dive into all the mayhem and fun headfirst. 

One of the keys to enjoying Con, is a mid-afternoon beer away from all the hustle and bustle. Trust me. It gives you a moment to breath and gets you a little looser for the rest of the day when things normally get busier.

This years Con was more spread out than last year. There’s tons of people at Con and more space gave you the freedom to walk around, look at something you find interesting, and time to talk with your friends without constantly feeling like you’re about to be crushed. Big plus.

Last year, I was too afraid to approach the creators of works that I liked. I hadn’t gone down the rabbit hole of being completely in love with comics yet and I didn’t feel like I knew enough about their work, the history of comics, or the future of the medium, etc. But now, I felt like I had the knowledge to speak with them and, with some hesitancy, I did. Well, it was more like a cursory ‘Hello’ with my friend Ed. We took them some free donuts from Top Pot. But, hey, tiny footsteps.

My favorite panels were Burt Ward and Adam West, a reading of Kill Shakespeare, Walter Koenig, and Patrick Stewart. It’s just great to be in the same room as some of these people and listen to them tell their story.

I attended a panel on Bill Willingham’s Fables. I’m currently reading Fables and it’s terrific. For the panels in the main hall, they provide moderators, but for the smaller comics panels the creators have to do their own moderating. It gets a little tedious because there’s no one there to keep the conversation moving or asking them questions your average reader would find interesting. A small quibble, but I think it would greatly improve the experience to have every panel moderated.

The customes are always a joy to see. I’m always amazed to see the time and craftwork that people pour into their costumes. Some are simple and store bought, but others really go the extra mile. 

We invented a fun drinking game, but we didn’t actually play it (you can’t drink inside). Everytime you spot a Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy, you drink. You’d be drunk in 30 minutes. There are way too many. Hopefully, people will be more inventive and creative when it comes to choosing their charactors in the future.

I picked up some great new comics; volume one of Kill Shakespeare, the first three issues of The Secret History of D.B. Cooper, and the complete run of The Creep.

All in all, I had an amazing weekend and I can’t wait for 2014!!!

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