Fred Rogers on PBS

Earlier today, I posted a link to an article written by Levar Burton on the importance of PBS. It underlines an ideological difference (there are many) between our Presidential candidates and I truly feel that it cannot be dismissed.

It’s easy to say that you will pull Big Bird off TV and get a laugh, but what you’re really doing, and what you’re not seriously saying, is that you’re cutting educational opportunities for children in the US. If that’s not essential to the future of this country, I don’t know what is.

In the article, they referenced a video of Fred Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate in 1969 when Richard Nixon proposed cutting funding. It’s articulate, passionate, and underlines the importance of this form of education and programming. You can watch it above.

I know that my life has been enriched by this programming. I remember Bill Nye, Fred Rogers, and Reading Rainbow. I learned from these programs, I carry those lessons to this day, and I am forever grateful.

So, you know, vote!

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