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Magic Sword

Somewhere deep within the fiery heart of Mordor, John Carpenter mated with Giorgio Moroder and the composers behind Netflix’s Stranger Things, Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, to create my latest musical obsession: Magic Sword.

Back in September 2016, my band played at the Badlander during the Plus One Fest in downtown Missoula, MT. We were on at 8:30 and Magic Sword was on at 11:30. I’ll be honest: we didn’t watch their entire set. We were tired. We’d driven all day to get there, played our show, and we were ready to head back to the hotel, drink some PBR, shoot the shit, and unwind.

It’s a decision I’ve regretted ever since.

Fast forward a year later to 2017 and I’m watching the Thor: Ragnarok trailer. I hear something vaguely familiar. It’s Magic Sword! Their song “In the Face of Evil” is featured in the official movie trailer. I couldn’t get the song out of my head. It’s reminiscent of Carpenter’s “Halloween Theme,” but with a little more oomph and guitar shredding. It inspired me to go back and listen to their debut album Volume 1. That’s when I got hooked.

If you’re a fan of synthwave, ’80s movie soundtracks, or love music that’s doused in adrenaline, then Magic Sword is just the band for you. That’s why I want to highlight a few of my favorite tracks and, hopefully, get you hooked too.

“The Way Home” feels like you’re at the end of an epic journey looking back at all the trials and tribulations you overcame. It’s simple, sweet, and subtly nostalgic. I also love the ridiculous Phil Collins-esque drum fills.
“Retrogram” makes me want to jump inside a F-14A Tomcat and pretend I’m Maverick from Top Gun.
My favorite part of “Discover” is when the main keyboard riff drops in at 1:38. It’s so catchy!
“Only Way In” is the most horror-inspired track. I could easily see this being featured in a movie like It Follows.
The entirety of their 2016 EP Legend is fantastic. It’s three songs. Just listen to the whole damn thing.

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