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My 100% Weird Summer Playlist

Let me cut to the chase: my musical taste is 100% weird.

I like everything from St. Vincent to Ted Nugent; from Courtney Barnett to Bronski Beat; from Au Revoir Simone to Nicki Minaj. I like music that grooves, peels your face off, and leaves you drowning in a puddle of sweat on the dance floor. I like music that gives you the feels, makes you question your place in the universe, and creates an atmosphere of ubiquitous sentimentality. I like music that’s devoid of all meaning—just shut up and dance already.

If you tried to chart my musical taste on a map, you’d start somewhere in Siberia and wind up finding me sleeping in the spare bedroom at your mom’s house eating a stale bag of Doritos. Yes, it’s that bizarre.

So, why’d I put this playlist together? Well, for three reasons really:

  1. I hope you’ll fall in love with at least one of these songs.
  2. It’s summer and you need some cruising tunes.
  3. Maybe you’ll rediscover a forgotten classic.

If you’re not feeling one of the tracks, skip ahead and see if there’s something else you like.

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