Stop Making Sense

I first saw Stop Making Sense at a German bar in Cincinnati, OH called Lenhardt’s. They were playing the film on mute so that people could still listen to music on the jukebox. It’s bizarre to watch this while Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now” plays softly in the background.

I wasn’t familiar with the Talking Heads when I first saw Stop Making Sense, but the imagery stuck with me. The way that David Byrne dances like a snake in a fire, the stark white lighting, and the slow build in momentum and theatricality. It wasn’t until later, when Adrienne introduced me to the music of Talking Heads, that I was able to fully appreciate this concert.

I like how they take the time to bring in each musical element. It begins with acoustic guitar and ends with a full band. You can hear what each instrument adds to the arrangement. They build the music as the visuals become more complex. It’s a joyful experience and it makes you wish you’d been there to witness it first hand.

My favorite performance is “Heaven.” It’s only guitar, bass, and vocals. It’s gorgeous. And it’s only the second song so at least commit yourself until there!

My love for the Talking Heads is no secret and I think this is one of their best. I just purchased it on DVD, but apparently it’s available on YouTube. Crazy how the world works, right? Enjoy!

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