• October Country
  • The October Country by Ray Bradbury

The October Country

Adrienne gave me an early gift for All Hallow’s Read. Ray Bradbury’s The October Country. It’s a collection of macabre short stories about “the horrors and demons that lurk within all of us.” I love this passage from the introduction:

…that country where it is always turning late in the year. That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midnights stay. The country composed in the main of cellars, sub-cellars, coal-bins, closets, attics and pantries faced away from the sun. That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts. Whose people passing at night on the empty walks sound like rain…

I have a few gift ideas for All Hallow’s Read as well. It’s been fun doing research into a genre that I’m not familiar with. I hope you get in on the fun too.

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