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Three Must-See Halloween Movies for 2017

With Halloween just around the bend, I’ve been taking a look back at the best, and somewhat overlooked, horror movies from recent years.

While the endearing nostalgia of Stephen King’s IT enthralled late-summer audiences, I felt it lacked a certain oomph in the scares department. It Comes at Night was a unique take on the zombie/plague genre, but it didn’t have an interesting enough, or emotionally satisfying, resolution. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed both, but I didn’t think they had enough pizazz to make the list.

I highly suggest checking out the terrific Australian horror/thriller Hounds of Love, which I wrote about back in June, but chose not to feature on this list; it’s a moody, no holds barred depiction of abduction in the vein of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

If you enjoy this list and want more recommendations, check out my list from last year.

A Dark Song (2017)

Currently available for streaming on Netflix, A Dark Song is everything Darren Aronofsky’s mother! dreamed of being. It’s an intimate portrait of loss and religious zealotry through the lens of a haunted house.

When Sophia enlists the help of a clairvoyant to contact her recently deceased son, things move from bad to worse into the realm of the unimaginable. The ending isn’t a surprise or a twist, but it sure does break your expectations.

Featuring top-notch acting and skillfully crafted repartee, A Dark Song is a bizarre examination of grief and rituals gone awry.

The Devil’s Candy (2017)

I didn’t expect much from writer/director Sean Byrne’s The Devil’s Candy, but this little Indy flick packs a wallop. You may be familiar with Byrne’s The Love Ones (2012), but The Devil’s Candy is, by far, the superior film.

Starring a chiseled and almost unrecognizable Ethan Embry, The Devil’s Candy follows a heavy metal-loving family who slowly realizes the house of their dreams is really the house of their nightmares.

It’s territory that’s been tread many times before, but the metal spin and satanic overtones, elevate this flick to the next level.

More than anything, The Devil’s Candy nails the tone, pacing, and supernatural thrills you expect from movies in the vein of The Amityville Horror.

The Devil’s Candy is also available for streaming on Netflix.

The Guest (2014)

If you’re a fan of You’re Next, I’d suggest checking out director Adam Wingard’s stylish and brooding follow-up The Guest.

With strong allusions to Drive, Halloween, and The Terminator, this flick lands somewhere in the midst of B-movie horror and action.

I think it’s best to go into this one blind so I won’t allude to the plot, but, needless to say, fans of directors John Carpenter and Nicolas Winding Refn will love The Guest.

Plus, the soundtrack is pretty sick too.

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